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Tinting Information

6 Reasons why you need to tint your car.

  1. To protect yourself from harmful UV rays.
  2. To protect your big investment. Your Car.
  3. To protect your interiors like leather seats and dashboard from cracking and peeling.
  4. To cool down when it's over  30C outside + extend the life of your AC + saves GAS.
  5. It adds beauty to your car
  6. Provides privacy

Did you know that...

  • Window Film whether its for auto or commercial/residential can block up to 99% of the Sun's harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer.
  • Window Film can help prevent window break-ins into your car, home or office.
  • Window Film can protect you car interior from deteriorating caused by UV rays.

Tint Law - click here for more info.

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